Hair Loss Treatment

I, Mary Ann Jefferson, founded the Royal Paradise Hair Loss Center & Wellness Spa with a single mission in mind: to provide confidential and effective hair loss treatments that help my clients recover their self-esteem and self-image as quickly as possible. For that reason, I focus on holistic treatment solutions that fix the root of your hair loss problem and prevent future hair loss.

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The Local Hair Loss Treatment Professional Who Cares

I am a Board-Certified Trichologist Practitioner and a Certified Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Specialist. With years of experience, I am the professional who has the skill and expertise to help you recover your hair and your self-esteem.

I also care about my clients and have designed my business model to minimize the stress and invasiveness of treatment. To create a safe and welcoming environment for all my clients, my services occur in private rooms where your confidentiality is respected.

I believe in offering a customer-oriented, personalized service. For each of my customers, I offer an in-depth consultation to identify and fix the cause of your hair loss. I listen to my customers so that we can find an effective solution that meets your individual needs.

Hair Loss Treatment That Works

My treatments are exceptional for their effectiveness, their non-invasiveness, and the rapid results they provide. Unlike many competitors, I won’t put you under the scalpel only to give you a long recovery time and an exorbitant medical bill. Instead, I focus on non-surgical solutions that are less intrusive, more affordable, and just as reliable.

My services include:

  • Scalp Diagnostic Scoping
  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
  • Hair Loss Treatments for Men
  • Hair Loss Treatments for Women
  • Diet and Nutrition Plans Designed to Promote Healthy Hair

A Holistic Solution to Prevent Hair Loss

In many cases, hair loss can be triggered by a larger problem with your body, such as stress, inflammation, or an excessive build-up of toxins. If these root problems aren’t resolved, hair loss can often become an ongoing issue, even after treatment.

As a trichologist practitioner, I specialize in holistic solutions that eliminate these problems and promote a healthy scalp and a healthy body. I’ll work with you to identify potential issues and develop a health and care plan focused on hair loss prevention. That way, you can rest assured that you’ll have a full head of hair that will last a lifetime.

If you have noticed some hair loss, I can also develop a wellness regimen that will curb the problem and improve the health of your hair.

Contact the Expert for All Hair Loss Treatments

I know I provide the best non-surgical treatments for hair loss in the area. My treatment options are renowned as reliable, fast, and successful. My many happy customers can attest to the effectiveness of my solutions and the excellence of my customer service.

If you’re looking for treatment options for hair loss, don’t hesitate.

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